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To Build a Fire

Rhyming Reader’s Theater script version adapted from the short story by Jack London . A part on every page keeps everyone engaged!

Use with groups of three.

Despite warnings, a man is determined to travel the Yukon Trail on a very cold day with only the company of a husky wolf-dog. During his trek, he falls through the snow and gets wet up to his shins. He builds a fire underneath a pine tree that collapses and extinguishes it. He tries to start a new fire, but accidentally pokes it apart.

Knowing he could die, the man decides to kill the dog and put his hands inside its body for warmth. But due to the extreme cold, he cannot kill the dog because he is unable to pull out his knife, or even throttle the animal. He lets it go, and the man dies in the face of the bitter cold and inability to conquer nature.

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“Drama teachers are constantly pressured to include more cross-curricular lessons into their classrooms.
By bringing the classic literature of writers like O. Henry and Edgar Allan Poe to the theatre, Required Rhyming fits the bill.”

Jennifer Bennett

Drama Director, Middle School, Lake Mary, FL