Rhyme and analogy are fundamental parts of the National Literacy Strategy


The Ransom of Red Chief

Rhyming Reader’s Theater script version adapted from the short story by O. Henry. A part on every page keeps everyone engaged!

Use with groups of three.

Two money-hungry criminals hold a young boy for ransom in Summit, Alabama only to discover their young captive to be a brat who enjoys his time with his kidnappers. The boy terrorizes the two men until they decide to lower the ransom. He is returned when his family forces the kidnappers to pay them instead of the reverse to take the child back.

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“As a teacher of economics, I spend a great deal of time integrating the “dismal science” into the other social sciences. For example, “The Necklace” inspired great discussion on human values vs. monetary cost.  Because these stories are presented in rhyme, the students enjoy the interaction, are engaged and are ultimately able to apply universal themes and values even to economics.”

Linda Race, MA

St. Johns County, FL