Rhyming awareness is correlated with reading ability, fluency and a love of language.


The Necklace

Rhyming Reader’s Theater script version adapted from the short story by Guy Maupassant. A part on every page keeps everyone engaged!

Use with groups of three.

Madame Mathilde Loisel always imagined herself in a high social position with wonderful jewels. However, she has nothing and marries a low paid clerk who tries his best to make her happy.

Mathilde discovers that she has lost a diamond necklace she has borrowed from her wealthy friend. She and her husband look everywhere but the necklace is not to be found. They take out loans and work ten years of hard labor to replace the necklace. Mathilde confesses, and her friend reveals that it was a fake.

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“I teach in a school specifically designed for students with learning differences. Some of our students have significant social/emotional/behavior challenges, as well, and those students seemed to enjoy listening to their classmates reading the parts in each rhyming script. I do believe that the rhyming materials helped them all with comprehension of some difficult stories. The additional expository articles were helpful in building background knowledge and enhancing class discussions. Thank you for your hard work!”

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