Students who act out rhyme in reading, gain confidence in their reading ability!


The Monkey’s Paw

Rhyming Reader’s Theater script version adapted from the short story by W.W. Jacobs. A part on every page keeps everyone engaged!

Use with groups of three.

A monkey’s paw with magical powers gives three wishes to its owner. After a husband and wife wish for a sum of money, a company representative arrives at the family’s home reporting that their son has died in a gruesome factory accident, and they will receive the exact amount of money they wished for in the form of a settlement.

Later, the mother wishes that their son would return home alive. When a terrible knocking is heard at the door, the father realizes his butchered and disfigured son would be on the other side. Before the mother can open the door, the father uses the last wish. The knocking stops, and when the door is opened … no one is there.

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“As an experienced teacher of Language Arts for gifted students, I recommend these stories. My students love to read the rhyming stories as part of their literature experience. They are extremely helpful with students who struggle with oral fluency as well as those students who find the vocabulary of these original stories overwhelming. Once plot is mastered, lively higher-level discussions around such topics as purpose of the author can follow. These are an ideal way to bring a spark of excitement to any classroom studying Young Adult Literature.

Margaret Higgins, Ed.D.

Nationally Board Certified, Young Adult Language Arts