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The Minister’s Black Veil

Rhyming Reader’s Theater script version adapted from the short story by Nathaniel Hawthorne. A part on every page keeps everyone engaged!

Use with groups of four.

A young minister in a small town comes to Sunday service wearing a black veil that covers his face, which is greatly disturbing to the townspeople, who do not understand the significance of the veil. His sermons center on sin, and no matter the occasion, the minister will not remove the veil. None of the townspeople will ask him about it, and even children fear their pastor. Finally, his fiancée asks him to remove it. When he refuses, she breaks their engagement.

Throughout his life, the minister wears the black veil with a message that each person wears a black veil on the inside. On his deathbed, the minister still refuses to remove it and is buried with the veil covering his face.

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Kenny Bevan, MS

High School Assistant Principal