Common Core Assessment

Read Rhyme Repeat  assessment materials are aligned with  each one of the ten English Language Arts new Common Core State Standards for reading informational and literary text.  Using these ten Common Core graphic organizers as assessments, your students will achieve the Common Core State Standards, all while having fun and building literacy.

Key Ideas and Details:

  • Central Ideas and Themes
  • Character Analysis
  • Inference

Craft and Structure:

  • Figurative Language
  • Point of View
  • Organizational Analysis

Integration of Knowledge:

  • Compare and Contrast
  • Argument and Evidence
  • Media and Text

Range of Reading:

  • Text Complexity

Download Packet

Download the complete common core assessment packet here.

“As an experienced teacher of Language Arts for gifted students, I recommend these stories. My students love to read the rhyming stories as part of their literature experience. They are extremely helpful with students who struggle with oral fluency as well as those students who find the vocabulary of these original stories overwhelming. Once plot is mastered, lively higher-level discussions around such topics as purpose of the author can follow. These are an ideal way to bring a spark of excitement to any classroom studying Young Adult Literature.

Margaret Higgins, Ed.D.

Nationally Board Certified, Young Adult Language Arts