ResearchOn August 31, 2014, I completed a dissertation on rhyming reader’s theater for secondary students. The consensus is that teachers agree that Required Rhyming builds literacy, increases engagement, and allows students to achieve Common Core State Standards.

It started when I selected this admittedly unusual dissertation topic, and my friend helped me build this website. Thousands of teachers from all over the world visited. From every state in the United States and from more countries than I could begin to keep track of, people downloaded scripts and our rhyming community grew. Wonderful and generous people I have never met participated in my doctoral research to give their perceptions of the Required Rhyming. Thank you, educational connoisseurs; you know who you are!

Read my dissertation on rhyming reader’s theater, “An Evaluation of the Cross-Curricular Rhyming Reader’s Theater Instructional Strategy”. DOWNLOAD PDF HERE.